The Stamina Coach Reviewed: Why It’s The Best Training Program

I know it’s been a while since my last post but I have something I’m pretty excited about to share with you. There’s been a lot of commotion recently with the release of Adam Vance’s new Stamina Coach training program for men who are looking to last longer in bed.

Stamina Coach Book
The Stamina Coach: The start of a revolution in the way premature ejaculation is treated

There’s a good chance you have already heard about the program but if you havn’t already picked yourself up a copy, here’s my full review of the Stamina Coach.

Stamina Coach By Adam Vance Reviewed

I have been withing that someone would put together a program such as this for years. And I’m happy to say that the wait is now over. For too long guys with premature ejaculation were stuck with no good choices and had to just make do with the scraps of advice they could get their hands on.

But with the release of the Stamina Coach there is now a full, all in one solution to permanently last longer in bed. It’s the ultimate training guide with a whole range of exercises, techniques, breathing methods and mental strategies. Adam teaches you at each step of the way and you almost feel as though you are one of his personal clients.

Exercises To Help You Last Longer In Bed

As anyone knows who has tried to eliminate premature ejaculation naturally, exercises and training are the key to it all. And this is were the Ejaculation Coach is so good.

Adam realizes and preaches the importance of developing muscle memory and every one of the many exercises you will complete are laser targeted towards that goal. He explains that once the muscle memory is build up you will reach a point were your body is doing everything automatically and it is at this point were you will approach a level of total control over you ejaculation.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Stamina Coach Course?

The modules are structured so you can complete the Stamina Coach training program over 4 weeks. Adam says that some guys may complete it in less time but he recommends the 4 week period so you don’t skip bits or miss out on some of the fundamentals.

It is recommended that the training should take about 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. Although you can do more is you wish.

A New Way Of Looking At Staying Controlled During Sex

A new way to think about lasting longer in bed

One of the revolutionary parts of the program is Mindset Adam encourages you towards sex. And he gives you physical techniques to help bring about this chance of mindset yourself. He calls these turn backs and they are going to be great for you. But we really like the way he gets you to change your thinking about your control during sex. He calls it “riding the wave of arousal” and it’s a full 180 reversal on the way you’ve probably been approaching sex up until now.

Check out Adams killer of an article on how to extend the duration of sex where at number 6 he explains about this much better than I can.

Should I Buy The Stamina Coach?

If you want to last longer in bed this is a no brainier. Go and get it right now. Premature ejaculation sucks as I’m sure you know and this is an all out solution that is falling into your lap. if you had this problem 5 years ago you were all out of luck. But now you can easily get access to this high level of training. What a time to be alive!




How breathing and meditative techniques help prevent premature ejaculation

Prevent premature ejaculation by starting intercourse in a stress free and relaxed state through breathing correctly

Following on from the previous guest post on some of the myths out there regarding premature ejaculation and how to last longer in bed, in this post we will be looking at one of what Mitch Hawkins identifies as one of the seven core skills that men need to develop on order to gain full ejaculatory control.

The specific skills we will look at in this post are breathing and meditative skills. We’ll be looking at how they help to prevent premature ejaculation, when you should be doing them and why they are a great area to start with when you are just starting out learning the skills of ejaculatory control.

The many befits of breathing correctly during intercourse

Breathing correctly helps in many ways

While the breathing component focuses on delivering more oxygen to the blood through slow, deep and control breaths, it is also effective at relaxing the muscles, reducing tension and alleviating anxiety and mental stress. The meditative techniques then take it a step further helping you to become even more relaxed and calmly confident.

Although this simplifies things a bit I guess you could consider the breathing techniques a physical action that then passes the baton onto the more meditative focus which will all work together to finally take you to a spot we can call “In the Zone”.

A solid foundation

In his book on lasting longer in bed and preventing premature ejaculation, Mitch Hawkins talks about how it is important to not only use these methods during sex but also at the early stages of intercourse and even before sex has even begun.  It’s all about starting from a solid foundation which is why it’s so important to get your breathing working and helping you right from the start.

If you are just starting out with a premature ejaculation prevention program, the breathing methods are a great place to start because they are dead easy to learn. If fact you can pick them up in as little as 15 minutes. They will also work really quickly and start helping you last longer right of the tip. And finally, it’s crucial you get the basics of breathing right from the beginning because it will make it just so much easier to develop and improve your skills of ejaculatory control within the other core skill-sets.

Ejaculation Coach by Mitch Hawkins

You can learn more about Mitch’s Ejaculation Coach program and all of the 7 skills of longer lasting intercourse at his website.

How not to last longer in bed – 3 common premature ejaculation myths

It’s not hard to control your ejaculation when you know what to focus on

As a specialist in mens sexual health issues and particularly premature ejaculation I cant help but notice how much inaccurate, misleading and downright ridiculous advice there is online when it comes to ways guys can last longer in bed. Time after time I seem to come across the same myths repeated over and over without any practical advice on how to last longer that actually works.

What makes this so frustrating for me is that, as a guy who teachers men how to last longer in bed, I know how successful men can be at beating this problem once they get the right advice in their hands. So in this article I’ll be busting the most common 3 myths regarding premature ejaculation and then explaining what you need to do to fix this problem for good.

Myth number 1: You can last longer in bed by distracting yourself.

Now I see this repeated in 9 out of 10 articles on lasting longer which is a real shame because it is the exact opposite to what you should be doing during intercourse.

Thinking about baseball during sex? There’s much better ways to last longer in bed

If you’re a guy lacking control in bed you have probably tried something like this before. Thinking about baseball perhaps, reciting you 23 times tables or maybe even imagining the ugliest thought possible. Now chances are, it didn’t work very well, or if it did give you a few extra minutes it surely wasn’t the most pleasurable experience for either you or your girl.

What I teach the guys that come to see me is to do the exact opposite to this. But there’s a trick to it. The key is to tune in to everything that is going on around you during sex. You can’t just be focused on what’s happening downstairs. You gotta tune right into everything that going on between you and the beautiful woman you’re with. As you caress her body you should be really zoning into the feeling of her curves and skin. Even the feel of her hair or soft breath, and noises you can hear.

What this will actually do once you get it right is stop you from only concentrating on the feeling in your genital region. You’ll start to loosen up, loose track of time and start actually enjoying the moment like you should.

I don’t know about you, but I’d take this any day of the week compared to thinking about some sweaty baseball player while I’m with my girl.

Myth number 2:   The stop and start method

The stop and start method was developed and used quite a bit back in the 70s and back then it was the first time someone had tried to put together an organized method to combat premature ejaculation.  Along with the dreaded “squeeze technique” this was pretty much all the advice guys looking to last longer had on offer.

These techniques made the fundamental mistake of confining the ejaculatory process to the pelvic area and failed to realize that the whole chain of events that leads to ejaculation begins at a much earlier stage.

Once guys start learning about the core triggers and develop ways to control them at the source there is absolutely no need for this continuous stopping and starting ever again.

Another reason why I hate seeing this advice everywhere is because it shows total disregard to your partners stimulation and satisfaction, as each “stop” will also lead to her decreasing arousal. And let’s face it guys – stopping to squeeze the tip of your penis every 30 seconds isn’t the biggest turn-on a girl can imagine.

Myth number 3: Using Kegels exercises to last longer in bed

Kegels are an exercise performed by the PC muscle which just happens to be the muscle responsible for creating the sensation of orgasm and firing off an ejaculation. This connection was made at a time when Kegels were primarily used by pregnant women in preparation for childbirth and before you new it, everyone was recommending Kegels as an exercises to cure premature ejaculation. There was only one problem… they didn’t work.

The reason for this is simple, yet so often misunderstood even by so called experts. It’s because Kegals focus on building the strength of this muscle and not it’s control. It’s easy to flex this muscle, but it’s the flexing and tension within the muscle that cause the problem in the first place. What you need to do is the opposite and learn how relax or ‘de-tense’ this muscle.

This is were the focus is on when I teach guys exercises they can do with the PC muscle. It’s quite hard at first as most people are not used to consciously changing the state of this muscle but most guys will pick it up pretty quickly and it can make a pretty bit different to how longer you last in bed when combined with the other skills I teach.

Forget about the myths, get some good advice, then practice.

I hope this has helped you understand what is really occurring within your body during sex and given you a better understanding of what and what not to do in order to boost your lasting time. I have mentioned a few of the techniques you can use to last longer but there are a lot more tips, techniques and skills you can learn that will really take you up to the next level.

I cover all of this and much more in my detailed guide on how to last longer in bed – Ejaculation Freedom which you can read about at my site. So now it’s time to forget about the myths and rubbishy advice, learn the many ways to last longer and start practicing and before you know it you’ll be putting in performances to be proud of night after night. Good luck with it guys!

Premature Ejaculation Treatment Options For Men

Intimate relationships are facing major challenges in the society today. One of these challenges is premature ejaculation also known as PE. Although there is a lot of individual perception on the effects of premature ejaculation in a relationship, it is a very common and embarrassing problem. So, what is premature ejaculation? Most people have described PE as a sexual dysfunction common in men below the age of 40 years. How this is true is determined by various professionals carrying out premature ejaculation treatment who define it as the prior occurrence of ejaculation before the wishes of both partners. Studies have shown that this rapid ejaculation causes sexual frustrations and can eventually lead to a relationship breakup. Premature ejaculation has also been linked to low self esteem in men who have been allegedly reported to have this problem. Therefore, this has necessitated the need for premature ejaculation treatment in order to increase sexual and relationship satisfaction.

There are a number of effective ways to prevent premature climax, however, due to the sensitivity of the matter, most men have been forced to endure the embarrassment that comes with PE by shying off from such discussions. Research has shown that men have premature ejaculation at least once throughout their lives. This has been attributed to the variation of how long it takes a man to ejaculate and how long their partners are expecting them to last in bed. The average time that a normal man lasts in bed is around 7 minutes while that of a man having premature ejaculation is below 2 minutes. Premature ejaculation spoils the sex lives of both partners and therefore to avoid the possibility of ruining a marriage a premature ejaculation treatment is required.

Fortunately, there is a working premature ejaculation treatment and couples need not to worry any further. Women are advised to accompany their partners as they walk through the treatment in order to have a positive outcome. Here are a few treatment tips that can see the end to premature ejaculation.

  1.  For a successful last longer in bed treatment, the woman should not subject the man to performance pressure at any time. It is advised that sexual intercourse be avoided until this problem has been addressed. Therefore, the man should use other simulation methods such as manual or oral stimulation to satisfy the woman for the meantime.
  2. The use of the start-stop technique is a sure way to stop premature ejaculation. The woman should stimulate the man slowly to a point where the intense is great and the man is about to ejaculate. At this point stimulation should then be stopped for about 15 second before embarking on the same process again. This should be done about three times before letting him to fully orgasm. This technique reduces the inevitable need to ejaculate thus stopping premature ejaculation.
  3. In some cases, therapists advise men to masturbate or ask their partners to stimulate them to climax some few hours before the sexual encounter. Men realize that they have a much better control the second time and thus lasting for considerable time in bed.

Other methods of premature ejaculation treatment that may include a whole body approach to showing you how to last longer in bed available, but the bottom line is to use a trusted method that will see the end to premature ejaculation and help you last long in bed.