Prevent premature ejaculation by starting intercourse in a stress free and relaxed state through breathing correctly

Following on from the previous guest post on some of the myths out there regarding premature ejaculation and how to last longer in bed, in this post we will be looking at one of what Mitch Hawkins identifies as one of the seven core skills that men need to develop on order to gain full ejaculatory control.

The specific skills we will look at in this post are breathing and meditative skills. We’ll be looking at how they help to prevent premature ejaculation, when you should be doing them and why they are a great area to start with when you are just starting out learning the skills of ejaculatory control.

The many befits of breathing correctly during intercourse

Breathing correctly helps in many ways

While the breathing component focuses on delivering more oxygen to the blood through slow, deep and control breaths, it is also effective at relaxing the muscles, reducing tension and alleviating anxiety and mental stress. The meditative techniques then take it a step further helping you to become even more relaxed and calmly confident.

Although this simplifies things a bit I guess you could consider the breathing techniques a physical action that then passes the baton onto the more meditative focus which will all work together to finally take you to a spot we can call “In the Zone”.

A solid foundation

In his book on lasting longer in bed and preventing premature ejaculation, Mitch Hawkins talks about how it is important to not only use these methods during sex but also at the early stages of intercourse and even before sex has even begun.  It’s all about starting from a solid foundation which is why it’s so important to get your breathing working and helping you right from the start.

If you are just starting out with a premature ejaculation prevention program, the breathing methods are a great place to start because they are dead easy to learn. If fact you can pick them up in as little as 15 minutes. They will also work really quickly and start helping you last longer right of the tip. And finally, it’s crucial you get the basics of breathing right from the beginning because it will make it just so much easier to develop and improve your skills of ejaculatory control within the other core skill-sets.

Ejaculation Coach by Mitch Hawkins

You can learn more about Mitch’s Ejaculation Coach program and all of the 7 skills of longer lasting intercourse at his website.

How breathing and meditative techniques help prevent premature ejaculation