Premature Ejaculation Treatment Options For Men

Intimate relationships are facing major challenges in the society today. One of these challenges is premature ejaculation also known as PE. Although there is a lot of individual perception on the effects of premature ejaculation in a relationship, it is a very common and embarrassing problem. So, what is premature ejaculation? Most people have described PE as a sexual dysfunction common in men below the age of 40 years. How this is true is determined by various professionals carrying out premature ejaculation treatment who define it as the prior occurrence of ejaculation before the wishes of both partners. Studies have shown that this rapid ejaculation causes sexual frustrations and can eventually lead to a relationship breakup. Premature ejaculation has also been linked to low self esteem in men who have been allegedly reported to have this problem. Therefore, this has necessitated the need for premature ejaculation treatment in order to increase sexual and relationship satisfaction.

There are a number of effective ways to prevent premature climax, however, due to the sensitivity of the matter, most men have been forced to endure the embarrassment that comes with PE by shying off from such discussions. Research has shown that men have premature ejaculation at least once throughout their lives. This has been attributed to the variation of how long it takes a man to ejaculate and how long their partners are expecting them to last in bed. The average time that a normal man lasts in bed is around 7 minutes while that of a man having premature ejaculation is below 2 minutes. Premature ejaculation spoils the sex lives of both partners and therefore to avoid the possibility of ruining a marriage a premature ejaculation treatment is required.

Fortunately, there is a working premature ejaculation treatment and couples need not to worry any further. Women are advised to accompany their partners as they walk through the treatment in order to have a positive outcome. Here are a few treatment tips that can see the end to premature ejaculation.

  1.  For a successful last longer in bed treatment, the woman should not subject the man to performance pressure at any time. It is advised that sexual intercourse be avoided until this problem has been addressed. Therefore, the man should use other simulation methods such as manual or oral stimulation to satisfy the woman for the meantime.
  2. The use of the start-stop technique is a sure way to stop premature ejaculation. The woman should stimulate the man slowly to a point where the intense is great and the man is about to ejaculate. At this point stimulation should then be stopped for about 15 second before embarking on the same process again. This should be done about three times before letting him to fully orgasm. This technique reduces the inevitable need to ejaculate thus stopping premature ejaculation.
  3. In some cases, therapists advise men to masturbate or ask their partners to stimulate them to climax some few hours before the sexual encounter. Men realize that they have a much better control the second time and thus lasting for considerable time in bed.

Other methods of premature ejaculation treatment that may include a whole body approach to showing you how to last longer in bed available, but the bottom line is to use a trusted method that will see the end to premature ejaculation and help you last long in bed.

Natural Treatment Methods to Last Longer in Bed for Men

There’s a whole heap of natural methods your can use to last longer

A myriad of men have their ego bruised by the mere fact that they do not last long enough in bed. As a result, they are in search of effective and long lasting strategies to treat this mishap. There a lot of medications in the market used to treat premature ejaculation. Unfortunately, they emanate a plethora of side effects to users and their effect is temporary. This has led to introduction of a different approach of treating premature ejaculation, use of natural treatment methods. This article will thus briefly outline the natural treatment methods to last longer in bed for men, which are commonly in use today because of their high level of effectiveness.

Natural methods to can help you last longer

Natural treatment methods to last longer in bed for men have been scientifically and medically tested. They are widely accepted in the society since they emanate positive results within a very short time. In addition, the positive change is irreversible, that is, this medical condition is permanently cured. This is because natural treatment methods function by strengthening the fast and slow twitching muscle fibers around the pelvic region. In addition, there are some natural treatment methods that distract the brain, when men are about to ejaculate. This enables them to last longer and thus have satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Meditation can reduce anxiety

Meditation can help your performance

For instance meditation, which helps men to curb anxiety and thus extend their time in the bedroom for as long as they want through the use of a whole body approach. Anxiety highly hinders the sexual capabilities of men. This is because anxiety enhances the responsive nature of one’s body. As a result, controlling body feelings like excitement is turmoil. This explains why, in most occasions, anxious men experience premature ejaculation as soon as they begin enjoying their time. Therefore, curbing anxiety is the first step that should be implemented when aiming to permanently prevent premature ejaculation. Meditation enables men to control their anxiety, as well as muscles movement.

mental dissociation

On the same hand, mental dissociation is among the powerful natural treatment methods to last longer in bed for men. Simply, men figure out something that they can focus their mind on when they feel the urge of ejaculating. Most men are football fanatics thus opt to think about the most spectacular event that occurred during their favorite sport. This enables them to control the overwhelming sensation around their genitals and thus prolong their time in bed.

Work on the the pubococcygeus muscle

In addition, there are various natural mechanisms that men experiencing premature ejaculation can use to control the pubococcygeus muscle (PC). This muscle controls the sexual stamina of a man. Therefore, strengthening it will definitely increase the sexual endurance of men. This is because men will be able to effectively contract and relax the muscle when it is strong. As a result, they will be in control of their lovemaking sessions and prolong it for as long as they wish.

The PC muscle can be strengthened by Kegel exercises. This entails contracting and relaxing the PC muscles for five seconds and repeating the procedure for about five minutes on a daily basis for approximately two weeks. This can be done with the help of a sexual partner or as one masturbates. The same case applies, when men adopt strategies of conditioning the pelvic muscles as one of the treatment methods to last longer in bed for men. This prevents the pelvic muscles from becoming stiff thereby curbing the ability of men to control their ejaculation. Pelvic muscles can be conditioned by engaging in breathing exercise, which reduce tension in the muscles.

Get yourself a training program to last longer

Most of the advice I have given you today will go some way to assisting you improve your bedroom performance but the problem is they are only really temporary or ‘small scale’ fixes to the problem of premature ejaculation. To go one step further to where you can totally control the timing of your ejaculation every time you will need to get a training program for men such as this really good one. There’s sections covering every single thing you will ever need to know about exactly what happens within your body during sex and the many things you can do to control exactly how it functions and reacts to all the stimulation you are receiving during sex.

How to last longer in bed naturally using a whole body approach

This post will look at how you can last longer in bed naturally by focusing on the whole of your body and all the sensations you are experiencing during sex. This is a very good way to get yourself in the right frame of mind not only during sex with your partner but also prior to when sex has begun.

When we are about to indulge in sexual intercourse we often get so caught up in the excitement of the moments that we loose focus on many of the things happening around us. And this is especially true for guys the have premature ejaculation. The start to focus to narrowly on the feeling on the genitals that they forget the other parts of their partner and the surrounds of their environment.

You see, the reason why most guys can’t last in bed isn’t only to do with a problem in their pelvic area. These problem are triggered in other parts and then swiftly move down to the lower region.

Using a whole body approach during sex can help you last longer in bed

A good example of this is muscle tension which can be caused by many things such as stress, anxiety or even the sexual position that you happen to be using at that moment.

For example many guys have a lard time lasting in bed while they are using the missionary position. A significant reason for this is because the man is on top of the woman he is required to support his weight, and to do this he will need to use many of his muscles. Now what usually will happen is that the tension in his muscles begins to spread down in the abdomen and core and then further still all the way down to the pelvic region after which time the ejaculatory muscles begin to tense. Now this is the actual muscles that forces out you ejaculation with it’s contractions so you know that once the muscle tension gets down to here during sex, you are in big trouble.

By using a whole body approach during sex the idea is to relax your whole body by putting yourself into the moment during sex. This will let your mind drift away from the constant worry that plays though many guys minds during sex to a much more relaxed and enjoyable state of being.  This will in turn allow you muscles release unneeded stiffness and tension that would otherwise set of the train of events discussed above that put you on track for a disappointing performance in bed.

This Is Why You Can’t Last In Bed

u1You may not hear a lot about it, yet early ejaculation is an issue proving to be progressively prevalent within romantic relationships. But even with it being so common, hardly anything is understood by virtually all guys (along with a large number of self proclaimed specialists) about what definitely causes some people to be effected by a lack of control in bed. Although there’s many arguments as to the reason early ejaculation will materialize, for virtually all guys it will be owing to no less than one of these causes. And don’t be concerned when you recognize a number of of these factors in yourself because they can each be fixed without problems.


Something that is necessary to understand will be that it isn’t natural for many guys to be able to last for very long, solely due to the way in which human beings have evolved as a species. Despite the fact you might want intimacies to last for a long time, the human body is likely to have other intentions. You see for it, making love is mainly a way for humans to breed and create the succeeding generation, thus the most efficient path to ensure this will probably be to come very soon.

Negative thoughts

In the past it was assumed by lots of consultants dealing with rapid ejaculation that the difficulty was 100 percent emotional. Nowadays we are aware that is simply not the situation, nonetheless for a handful of adult men, such troubles will be able to to some extent produce rapid ejaculation. What frequently occurs is that a state of anxiety sets in as intimacy takes place resulting in your muscular areas flexing as an impulsive reaction. This tension will more often than not move to your genital region which is where it is likely to promptly be a catalyst for the process of ejaculations.

Masturbatory stimulation

Substantial self spanking, in particular throughout your teen years is described as a possible contributing factor towards early ejaculation notably when it is rushed. Unfortunately, the method by which young adult men self pleasure is effectively training and conditioning the body and their own pelvic area to become over stimulated then unload incredibly quickly. Consequently in the future as soon as you get started with more serious relationships, the ejaculatory response continues to do completely as it’s been taught, except this time with the increased stimulation of a lady.

Deficiencies in sexual awareness

You won’t generally see the next issue noted as being a early ejaculation trigger, nevertheless it is possibly by far the most critical. The truth is that, virtually all men have got genuinely no clue in relation to the many means about to keep control of the tendencies of the ejaculatory system to last longer in bed. Ultimately, intercourse is a talent which is rather sophisticated, consequently we realistically should never basically expect to be perfect with virtually no assistance and practice. This is helpful in your case if you have a tough time lasting considering it indicates that with a small amount of help you will genuinely maximize your lasting power.

Building control

If you review this various triggers you should be relatively easily in the position to highlight which triggers apply when it comes to you. Whilst premature ejaculation concerns can be irritating, you ought to keep in mind that the majority of people can conquer them with the support of rapid ejaculation exercises electronic book. Most males with quick ejaculation feel that they’re basically stuck with it, but this isn’t the case. PE in reality is highly curable using the right approach.